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Human Dichotomy

AKA (2012)

Source: 4x5" & 6x6 B/W negative film

Technique: Giclée, mineral pigments on Hahnemühle paper

Sizes: 100 x 125 / 120 x 60

60 x 60 cm.

Editions: 7

Facing Young selection, Encontros da Imagen International Photography and Visual Art Festival 2012

(...) When everything I have learned disappears, then, naked, with the naked world in front of me, I begin to understand everything.

E.M. Cioran

©MCB_11 copia.jpg

The reality through which the contemporary human being transits is constituted in a logical and reasonable framework, within which the world of passion and the debauchery of instincts erupts. An existential dichotomy between reason and thoughtlessness, where two contrary but inherent forces coexist harmoniously; the eternal dispute between the Apollonian and Dionysian aspects of human behavior. 

Developed in the final stage of adolescence, the ‘Human dichotomy’ series addresses a set of moral reflections around intimacy and the identity of the subject. Behind each portrait there is an allegorical content that is defined and manifested in two types of representations: a proportional or symmetrical close-up of the face and a hybrid or theriomorphic body image. The faces symbolize the Apollonian part of the human being through moderation and emotional control; they represent order, measure and rationalism. Against that dreamlike and quieting impulse of the Apollonian, the free and torn bodies identify with the Dionysian; an internalized reflection of the most primal drives and instincts.

Faced with the visual plane, the white of space work in images as a metaphor of the void and allows one to venture into the almost mystical utterance of the knowledge process undertakes by each individual with himself and with regard to the world around him.  From this standpoint, each gesture is both a sign of each individual's epic life and an echo of the fear and laceration which come together with the construction of the ego.

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