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/In progress/

Source: 4x5" color negative film

Technique: Giclée, mineral pigments on Hahnemühle paper

Sizes: 150 x 120 / 100 x 80 /

60 x 40

Editions: 7

Acquisition fund of ILC Collection


Acquisition fund of Castilla y León Contemporary Art Collection 

Finalist project of Handbali Magazine 2021

'Terra' delves into the depths of the ancestral, the mysteries of the world and the beings that inhabit it. In her photographs, the spatio-temporal sediments that indicate the evolution of the universe and the effects of time emerge like tips of an iceberg. A space and time in which myths, uncertainties, the hidden, the unknown emerge explicitly or implicitly. Traces, sediments, signs like time deposits are registered in his images. A visual archeology that evokes, in the recorded evidence, an invisible reality or the most introspective of the human being. They are creative acts that are revealed in the gaze and are revealed in beauty, a creative-revealing language that transcends in the work a reflection of an intrareferential order on the mysteries of presences and essences, the complexities of the human being and their vital spaces.

Amando Casado

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