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Spiritual Memories /

Mars Test Pieces


Artist book

Edition: Unique piece

Size: 40 x 18 x 6 cm.

p.p: 80 + 30 double pages

Technique: Giclée on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 220 g/m²

Photographs: Spirit (MER-A)

Texts: Mario Castro Baro

Editor / Designer: Mario Castro Baro

Credits: NASA /JPL / Cornell University

Printing: Auth' Spirit

Bookbinding: La Eriza

© Mario Castro Baro
© Mario Castro Baro

Photovoltaic device in flexible amorphous silicon, with automated extraction mechanism by rails and copper metalwork. Hand-bound book, covered in carbon reproduction with sunken stamping.

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Approached by the new millennium and the deep longing that Mars had inspired in man, the cradle of fiction and many dreams, NASA designed the extra-planetary robots Mars Exploration Rover. The first model, dubbed 'Spirit', equipped with a mobile laboratory and a high-resolution camera, embarked on a 354 million mile cruise through space to explore and reveal the mystery of the Martian surface. 

In the early morning of January 4, 2004, Spirit successfully landed in Gusev Crater, ready to activate and photograph its particular odyssey. Anomalies in the use of its batteries, conditioned to withstand -105ºC at night on Mars, postponed the start of the mission until January 16, 2004, when it took on extraterrestrial soil.

Suckled by the sunlight, while the winds polished his plates from the dust, he extended the autonomy of his mission by more than 2,000 suns, twenty times more than initially programmed. In April 2009, after disabling a wheel and dragging it across the Martian wasteland, it got stuck in a dune. In trying to break free, churning the sandy surface, it revealed hydrated sulfates just a million years ago. Thanks to this serendipitous find, Spirit occupies an honorary place in NASA's pantheon of missions.

Spirit was presumed dead on May 25, 2011 due to lack of communication with the robot, but his first snapshots sent to Earth served to extend and baptize new limits. The mirage of Martian reality for the first time was clear, revealing the fine line that separates the dream from reality.

M.C. Baro


Original design of permanent exhibition 'Spiritual Memories / Mars Test Pieces, Auth' Spirit Studio


Technique: Giclée, 

mineral pigments on Hahnemühle paper

Size: 120 x 100 cm.

Edition: 7


Behold the Earth (2004)

19:38 UTC 

Gusev crater


'Spirit' immortalized with this sunrise the first photograph of the Earth taken from another planet. The star that hints right at the center of the image corresponds with our planet.

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